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Best Photocopier Repair services in London

Gone were the days when you had to use separate machines for your printing, scanning, and photocopying. The way technology has evolved other the years, things are getting more innovative and a multifunctional copier is one of them. If you own a business and are a multi-functional copier machine, you are always aware of the number of hazards you have to go through if it breaks down halfway through your work.

Be it a traditional copier machine or a more advanced multi-functional one, it’s never a good sign for your copier to stop working halfway. That’s why regular maintenance and servicing is important to ensure an uninterrupted workflow and longevity of your device.

This is where we, “We Fix Any Printers”, come in to rescue you. With over 20 years of experience in repairing and servicing printers and photocopiers, we guarantee the best service in London and its surrounding areas.

Why “We Fix Any Printers” is the best option for the Photocopier Repair Service in London

Because we know what you need exactly, as we have been in this business for over 20 years and our numbers speak for themselves. If you are still wondering if “We Fix Any Printers” is a good fit for you or now, keep reading to enlighten yourself:

Most Updated Service

We have a team of energetic engineers who always make sure our clients get the most updated service in the market. Most multifunctional photocopiers now come with massive improvements in their hardware and software. Our team is more than capable enough to provide repair service for any brand or model, no matter how old or new they are.

The Fastest Service in The Market

As a business owner, you are no stranger to the concept of how valuable your time is. Our experience and efficiency made us capable to identify a problem with minimum supervision. Which makes our work a lot faster than our competitors. However, just because we work faster, it does not mean we spend less time on your photocopier problem. We always give our best to make sure your clients get the best service. We can spend hours on one particular problem if we believe it’s worth the time.

We Offer a Lot More Than Just Repair Service

A magician never reveals his secret, but it’s not the case for us. Once you book your service, you are destined to learn more about our work procedure. This means we make sure our client is well-aware of the problem and the effort it takes to fix it. This offers a lot of room for you to learn from our work and fix your own problem in the future without seeking help from us. This is what separates us from other service companies as we care about our clients.

I Care About Your Money

We believe that a happy client is worth more than anything and therefore we always give our best to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. That said, we always recommend things that are mandatory to do. If you believe your photocopier is still capable to run for a few more years after a decent servicing, we would never recommend a replacement. On the other hand, if we believe your copier is no longer fit for the workload, we will recommend you replace it.

We Have Experience and It’s Important

If we talk about the most important feature of an IT technician in this industry, the experience would always come first. No matter how many books you read or what kind of degree you have obtained, nothing beats the experience you gather while working practically. We have 20+ years of experience which has seen us working with so many dealers over the years. So regardless of the brand or model of your photocopier machine, our experience would always make us stand out among the others.

On-Site and Workshop Service

Once you book our service, our engineering team would make sure you get the most convenient service in the market. We provide both on-site and workshop services in London and its surrounding areas depending on the level of complexity. If you need to replace any spare parts and you are worried about the availability of those parts, we got you covers. No matter how old your photocopier machine is, we are capable of arranging those spare parts. We take full responsibility for the transportation of your photocopier should it require workshop servicing.

Great Customer Support

We do not forget our clients once our service is finished as we have an amazing warranty policy. We offer 30 days warranty on all work undertaken by us. This is why we have a good customer service team, our support team are on hands to help with any technical issues you are facing. If you’re not sure what is wrong with the machine when you make the booking, our tech team will call just to run through a few things with you, as sometimes we can solve minor problems over the phone without needing to book a call out.

The Brands That We Repairs and Services:

We repair all Models and Brands of Photocopiers, here is just a few brands. There are too many models to list so we have just listed some top brands that we service, these are the most popular brands that companies use in London today on daily basis. Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Kyocera, UTAX, HP, Samsung, Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Olivetti, Develop, Lexmark, etc.

How Things Work At “We Fix Any Printers”

If you are having a problem with your current photocopier machine, all you have to do is reach out. Our support team is here to take your inquiry and guide you through the best option. One you book our service team for a visit, there are the things our engineers would carry out:

  • Cleaning Paper Feed Tyres to remove paper dust
  • Checking Transfer Belt
  • Checking Fuser unit
  • Checking Drums
  • Cleaning Laser
  • Cleaning Optics
  • Cleaning Scanner Glass
  • Checking and Cleaning ADF Unit
  • Greasing Gears & Clogs
  • Blowing out all Paper Dust
  • Vacuuming out any spilled toner
  • Calibrating Machine
  • Checking all consumable life percentages
  • Wiping down the whole outside of the machine


How often should a photocopier be serviced?

Photocopiers should be serviced on a regular basis, but this depends on the business environment that it’s in. If you’re using the photocopier for heavy usage, then it will require more service maintenance than a photocopier that only prints a few documents a day. Photocopier service is a MUST as this will help to keep your machine from facing expensive repairs and less downtime.

How long should a photocopier last?

We have clients in London who have photocopiers that are over 10 years old, the reason for this is a lot of our clients don’t like to throw things away if it can be fixed, also as they have their photocopier service regular it has kept the life of the machine is perfect condition. Back when they purchased the machine some of them cost over £7,000 and back then it was a lot of money for small companies. The question we get asked a lot is do we need to buy a new Photocopier, we don’t do a lot of printing, our answer is no if your printer is working and in good order why waste money buying a new machine. Some of the machines look like new as they have been kept so well maintained that anyone who looked at the machine wouldn’t know its 10 years old!

Do you supply parts for photocopiers?

We can get any part for any machines, you might get other companies who will say that the parts are no longer available, and you need a new machine, we often get told by customers this. Most companies don’t like servicing old Photocopiers, they also have a sales team who try to sell you a new machine. But We Fix Any Printers can get any parts for any machines.

We Fix Any Printers is your local Printer and Photocopier repairs across London.

Your Local Printer repair service in London, we are a stone throw away from fixing and servicing your printer. We Fix Any Printers is prominent name in the Printer Repair field of Printer repairs and maintenance services for the Photocopier, Printer, Scanner and Plotters across London and surrounding areas. We only carry out professional services and maintenance as our job is to give you a first-class service.

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