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Label Printer Repairs & Services in London

Label printers come with a few complications which make them harder to repair, unlike any regular printer. Regardless, a label printer is still one of the most used printer devices in a place like warehouses and distribution centers run by logistics companies. “We Fix Any Printers” is a household name if you are based in London and its surrounding areas. When it comes to providing the best printer repair service in London, we stand out with our years of experience and unmatched service quality.

While there are other companies that provide printer repair services in London, most of them lack proper knowledge when it comes to repairing Label printers. As mentioned earlier, the label printer requires proper knowledge and experience to repair and that’s what separates us from others. Our team consisting of highly efficient engineers are more than capable of giving you world-class printing repair service regardless of printer type and brand.

Reasons why you should choose “We Fix Any Printers” for your label printer servicing in London

Because we know our business. We have a team of highly efficient engineers that can not only repair your label printer but also can explain the whole process. This helps you to understand what is going on. Because we know how important a label printer is for your business and therefore, we make sure you get the best service in the fastest way possible. There are a few more things you should also know before you decide who to choose for your label printer repair service. Let’s take a look.

We Stand Out in Terms of Experience

As we have already mentioned, unlike a regular printer, a label printer may give you hard time understanding its basic mechanism. Hence, the struggle while servicing it all by yourself is quite inevitable. Our team of experienced professional have been providing label printer repair services for more than 20 years. This makes us stand out in the crowd as the highest quality service is guaranteed given our experience and successful track record. So if you are seeking the best professional to repair your label printer, that’s when we come.

It’s Not Just About Service But an Experience

Our business motto is to make our valued clients feel comfortable about their problems. Therefore, we always make sure our clients get what they deserve— a service to remember. Our team is always ready to answer any question you have in mind and explain everything about your label printer so that you can fix a few minor issues independently without requiring our visit. We make your clients better with our proactive service experience.

Based in London But Ready To Go Beyond

Even though we are based in London and our service is limited to London City, we can always go beyond that depending on our client’s demand. So if you are already based in London and looking for the best label printer repair and maintenance service, count us in. All you have to do is make a call or reach out through our website to discuss the further arrangement.

We Offer a Service Contract

The service contract is a remarkable initiative we have taken for our regular clients that allows them to enjoy the service of the highest level. We prioritize our service contract clients the most in terms of providing fast service and other benefits. For instance, if you take our service contract, you do not worry about the interruption of your work when your label printer stops working. “We Fix Any Printers” loans out an alternate label printer for our clients until their printers get fully operational again. Additionally, clients who have taken service contracts can enjoy a same-day call-out service. You can always reach out to discuss our service contract more and unlock more extra benefits.

Fast On-Site Service

95% of the time, label printers can be repaired on-site without having to be brought to the workshop. Once you book our service, you can expect us to visit your site within the next 24 hours. However, if our engineers are already in the same area as yours on the day of your call, we can allocate someone to visit your site on the same day. This kind of arrangement can be discussed once you reach out and book our service.

We Have a Backup For Spare Parts

Some label printers of old models can give you hard time finding spare parts for their repair. That’s not the case when you take our service. We have backups of spare parts for most old printers that are no longer on the market. This is what makes us special as we care about your old but perfectly functioning printer. When we feel you should replace your printer, be it a label printer or any regular printer, we always try to give your honest advice.

The Makes and Models That Our Team Specialized In

While our expertise is not limited to any particular brand or model, there are some popular brands that our team have an exceptional grasp on. Zebra is the most popular label printer brand in its own right and we have years of experience servicing them but there are some other brands that are also worth mentioning. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular label printer brands:

  • Epson       
  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Citizen
  • Toshiba
  • Dymo
  • Honeywell
  • Star
  • Printronix
  • Bar Tender
  • Inkanto
  • Label Mate


How frequently should you maintain your label printer?

We highly recommend you leave the total maintenance of your label printer to someone professional unless you have adequate experience to do so. From your end, you can clean the printhead and roller of your label printer whenever you feel your printer is not giving you optimum service. Our recommendation you lean the roller and printhead at least twice a month.

How do I clean the roller on a label printer?

First thing first, prepare yourself with all the things you need to clean the roller of your label printer. For instance, a compressed gas duster and Thermal Cleaning Wipes are two of the must-need things. Make sure there is no ribbon or labels inside the printer before you start the cleaning. Blow our paper dust from your roller and printhead using the compressed gas duster followed by gentle wipes on the roller with the Thermal Cleaning Wipes. Repeat this process every time you feel your label printer needs cleaning. Seek professional help for proper maintenance unless you are confident about doing it by yourself.

How do I know my printer head needs cleaning?

Once your label printer stops producing optimum printing results, you can assume it needs cleaning. To avoid issues like this, you can schedule a regular cleaning, our recommendation is twice a month.

We Fix Any Printers is your local Printer and Photocopier repairs across London.

Your Local Printer repair service in London, we are a stone throw away from fixing and servicing your printer. We Fix Any Printers is prominent name in the Printer Repair field of Printer repairs and maintenance services for the Photocopier, Printer, Scanner and Plotters across London and surrounding areas. We only carry out professional services and maintenance as our job is to give you a first-class service.


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