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Dot Matrix Repairs in london

There may not be a lot of Dot Matrix Printers around anymore as people are switching to more technologically advanced versions every day, but it still does not change the importance of a Dot Matrix Printer. Dot Matrix Printers have been around for over 3 Decades now and considering the fact that there are not as many Dot Matrix printers out there as there were 10 years ago, it’s always difficult to spare parts. That’s when we come in. We Fix Any Printers have been servicing these printers all over London for over 20 years now and if you are looking for the highest standard of servicing, reach out now.

Most 7 Common Faults with Dot Matrix Printers

Before you go all the way to seek professional help to repair your Dot Matrix Printer, check out these 7 common faults with Dot Matrix Printers-

  • Worn out Printhead back plate causing the ribbon to get caught up and jam the printhead on the carriage.
  • Tangled up Ribbon due to not being seated correctly in the printer.
  • If the Rods and gears are not oiled and greased over time the printhead carriage may start to squeak and can end up seizing on the shaft
  • When the prints are faded on the paper it normally means the printhead is worn and needs replacing
  • The Drive belt may get brittle and break if not lubricated over time
  • Worn-out Paper Tractor causing a paper jam.
  • Carriage Drive motor seizes up if not kept oiled and lubricated, some of these motors cost around £500 just for the Part.

Why Choose “We Fix Any Printers” for your dot matrix printer repair?

As we have already stated, not all printer repair companies have expertise in servicing Dot Matrix Printers. Even if they do, there is no guarantee to get all the spare parts you need to keep your existing printer functional. This is what separates us from others. To demonstrate for you, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should choose “We Fix Any Printers” for your dot matrix printer repair.

Exceptionally Experienced

While there are a lot of companies that are offering printer repair services, not all of them can provide you with quality service for all makes and models, especially for the Dot Matrix Printer. This is where we stand out as our team of highly skilled engineers is more than capable of servicing any Dot matrix printers with more than 20 years of experience.

No Worries About Spare Parts

Most Dot Matrix Printers have seen better days and sometimes it can be challenging to find spare parts for some of the older models. That’s when we stand out because we are fully equipped with spare parts even for some of the oldest models. This means, whenever our engineers visit your site to repair your Dot Matrix printer, you do not have to worry about any potential parts replacement.

Both On-Site And Workshop Repairing

Our highly skilled team of engineers would do their best to fix your Dot Matrix printer on-site, however, if for any particular reason your printer needs workshop repairing, we would take full responsibility for its pickup and delivery. If you are a part of your service contract, you are likely to receive a special facility in this regard. Reach out to learn more.

Fastest Printer Repair Service in London

If you are based in London or its surrounding areas, we offer the fastest service in the market. Once you reach out to our customer support team for a Dot Matrix printer repair service, we typically send our engineers within the next 24 hours. However, if any of our engineers are already in your area, we would ask him to pay a visit. Also, we have a special package for the clients who take our Service Contract. Reach out to learn more.

Customer Support at Its Best

We believe that a satisfied customer is worth more than anything for a business like ours. Therefore, our primary goal is always to provide the best customer care support. If you are having trouble with your dot matrix printers, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. They will guide you through to the best service for you. There are a few printer issues that can be solved by phone and that’s what makes us the best at this trade.

Honest Opinion That Matters The Most

Our engineering team with experience over 20 years in this industry can identify the real problem of your dot matrix printer with minimum supervision. So if they feel you need to replace your printer with a newer model or repair it, they will give you their honest advice. Our honesty and efficiency make us better than any other printer repair service provider.

We fix any Brands or Models

As our name suggests, we are capable of fixing any brand or model of your printer. When it comes to fixing a Dot Matrix Printer, some of the most common brands are OKI, Epson, Star, Lexmark, and Printronix. While our team has a certain level of expertise with those brands, we can always go beyond those brands as well.

What are you waiting for? Reach out now to learn more about our service and packages. Be it a Dot Matrix printer or any regular printer, we have a team of engineers that would cover all your printer repair needs. If you want to learn more about our service contract that would allow you to activate our special deals.

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